Explore the Forest at Night A Nighttime Snowshoeing Experience

Program introduction

Enjoy a guided tour of the forest at night and traverse the snowy landscape. This program gives guests the opportunity to experience the silence of a snowbound forest and sharpen their senses by listening for sounds of wildlife. If the weather is nice, there is also a chance to see the stars.

Program features

Walk through the forest at night

Hiking during the day and at night are two completely different experiences—differences that can especially be felt while walking through the woods in the pitch-darkness. We, as humans, take advantage of the light, and one of the key aspects of this tour is to take guests out of their comfort zone and encourage the use of other senses to navigate.

Enjoy the Unique Silence of Winter

Hike through the silence and breathe in the clean air of the mountain forest. Guests can relax and let themselves be guided through an ethereal world of moonlit snow and starry skies.

Program details

Program Availability Late December~April * Snowshoeing may not be available depending on weather conditions
Times 18:00~19:30
Price (tax included) per person / 2people 4,000JPY/person
per person / 3people 3,500JPY/person
*Guests have a discount of 1,000 yen/person
Target Audience Elementary School Students and Above
Maximum number 8 people
Clothes Hats (covering up to the ears), Sunglasses / Goggles, Gloves (highly heat-retaining and waterproof), Clothing (highly waterproof and windproof), Winter Boots (highly heat-retaining and waterproof mountaineering shoes), and Sunscreen (to prevent snow burning)
Other **Please apply by 15:00 and at least 5 days in advance.
Cancellation Policy When applying for a trial, please be aware of the following cancellation charges, should a customer choose to cancel a scheduled tour.
{ Time, Cancellation Fee }
2 Days Prior, 20% of Program Fee
The Day Before, 50% of Program Fee
Same Day, 100% of Program Fee


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