See the oldest tree in Nabekura KogenSnowshoes hike to Moritaro

Program introductionプログラムの紹介

The giant beech tree "Moritaro" is said to be over 400 years old.
Located halfway up Mt. Nabekura, the tree stands out for its majestic thickness and vigor even among the forests of national forests lined with giant trees.
In winter, when the leaves are falling, the surrounding trees can be seen from a distance. The only time you can directly touch Moritaro is during the snow season. During the non-snow season, the area is roped off for protection.
A guide will guide you through the forest of giant beech trees and the history of Mt. Nabekura.

Program featuresプログラムの特徴


Located on the side of Mt. Nabekura, the giant beech tree, Moritaro, is said to be over 400 years old. The tree is known for its size and strength, standing out even among the other trees of the Nabekura mountainside. Moritaro is the most visible in the fall and winter seasons, and the tree itself can only be touched during the winter, as its perimeter is roped off during the other times of the year.

The History of Mt. Nabekura

Between 1945 and 1974, logging operations commenced on the slopes of Mt. Nabekura as companies used the landscape's lumber for firewood and ships. In the following years, however, all further plans to resume deforestation were canceled—from logging initiatives to large-scale ski resort construction proposals. The mountain and its natural ecosystem have since remained untouched by developers; we, at the Mori-no-Ie, strive to keep it that way.

The Current Situation Regarding Moritaro

The average lifespan of a beech tree is roughly 200 years. Moritaro, however, stands at an age of 400 years old—with a circumference of over 5 meters. The tree’s bark has various patterns, blemishes, and beech-specific lichen, all of which tell a long history. Moritaro’s health is slowly declining, and the number of leaves that it produces decreases every summer. There is concern that the tree will die in a few years.

Program detailsプログラムの詳細

開催期間 Late January~Mid-April
時間 8:30~15:30 *including a break, lunch, and pickup
料金(税込み) per person / 2people 7,500円/1名
per person / 3people 6,500円/1名
対象 Adults
定員 8 people (max)
服装 Hats (covering up to the ears), Sunglasses / Goggles, Gloves (highly heat-retaining and waterproof), Clothing (highly waterproof and windproof), Winter Boots (highly heat-retaining and waterproof mountaineering shoes), and Sunscreen (to prevent snow burning).
レンタル Please see the Rental page.
申し込み方法 The application form below
雨天時 This tour can be held in the rain. In stormy weather, it may be canceled or the route changed accordingly.
その他 Physical Fitness: ★★★★
Walking Distance: about 5 kilometers
Altitude Difference: Approx. 450 meters
Minimum Number of People: 2 people
Program Sign-up: 15:00, 5 days before the tour.

**In stormy weather, we may decide to cancel, even en-route. Please know that tour fees cannot be refunded.
**Please apply by 15:00 and at least 5 days in advance.
キャンセル規定 When applying for a trial, please be aware of the following cancellation charges, should a customer choose to cancel a scheduled tour.
{ Time, Cancellation Fee }
2 Days Prior, 20% of Program Fee
The Day Before, 50% of Program Fee
Same Day, 100% of Program Fee