To the Old HamletKanjiki walking & Baking “Oyaki”

Program introduction

During this activity, guests have the opportunity to hike through a beech forest to a 200-year-old hamlet using traditional Japanese snowshoes called Kanjiki. They will then be guided through baking Oyaki, a traditional Japanese snack. This guided experience introduces guests to the winter satoyama culture and takes them on a trip through the forest area surrounding the Mori-no-Ie.

Program features


Kanjiki: a daily necessity in areas of heavy snowfall.
Historically, almost all traditional, Japanese families had kanjiki, allowing residents to traverse the challenging, snowy landscape.

Oyaki: The Shinano-no Kuni’s (Nagano) Traditional Food

Oyaki is baked with three different ingredients and is relatively fast to make. The ingredients are an original recipe of Mori-no-Ie. The cooking process includes kneading the oyaki dough, wrap the ingredients into the center, then baking the dumpling-style snack over the hearth.

Tour the Winter Forest

In an hour-long, guided tour, guests have the opportunity to trek through a snowy forest and learn about how its wood was utilized in the past. They will then be shown the historical Karayama village, where several of the buildings are over 100 years old.
Tour the Winter Forest
The beech forest serves as a water source for many civilizations, including Karayama. This tour runs very close to the Moro-no-Ie, and a guide will explain the various details of the region.

Visit a snowbound, traditional home!

The annual snowfall completely renders the first floor of this building inaccessible. A guide will explain how residents of the village dealt with the massive amounts of snow each year, the challenges they encountered, and the various technologies that were developed to survive.

Learn History While Baking Oyaki

Guests will have the opportunity to grill oyaki over an old hearth while the guide explains the historical background of the Karayama and the surrounding area—its cultural aspects, the construction of the old folk homes, and the historical elements that can still be seen in the modern day,

Program details

Program Availability December~March
*This is subject to change based on snow conditions.
Times Morning: 9:30~12:30
Afternoon: 13:30~16:30
Price (tax included) 2 people 6,500JPY/person
3 people or more 5,500JPY/person
*Guests have a discount of 1,000 yen/person
Target Audience Elementary school students and above
Maximum number 8 people ※Minimum Capacity: 2 people or more
Clothes Please use winter wear that doesn’t limit movement and bring winter boots, gloves, hats, etc.
Rental If you would like to rent any gear, please make a reservation from here.
How to Sign Up for This Program The application form below
Weather This program still runs when it rains or snows.
Other **Please apply by 15:00 and at least 5 days in advance.
Cancellation Policy When applying for a trial, please be aware of the following cancellation charges, should a customer choose to cancel a scheduled tour.
{ Time, Cancellation Fee }
2 Days Prior, 20% of Program Fee
The Day Before, 50% of Program Fee
Same Day, 100% of Program Fee


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