Spectacular view of sparkling fog and ice!Habiroyama Beech Beauty Forest Snowshoeing

Program introduction

A beautiful forest of slender beech trees stands quietly in a field of snow.
This course is recommended for those who want to walk a little farther in the snow. Please bring your own lunch.
【Tour Information】
Total distance: approx. 4 km.
Difference in elevation: 350m
Difficulty: ★★★★

Program features

You can see the Mt. Habiro where we started.

As you gain a little elevation from the beginning of the walk, you will see the village where you started below you. In the distance, you can see Mt. Kenashi, the highest peak in the Nozawa Onsen ski resort.

The Iiyama Basin is also visible!

If you are lucky, you can see a sea of clouds in the mortar-shaped Iiyama Basin. This is a unique landscape of Iiyama, which is created by the steam of the Chikumagawa River.

Enjoy the beautiful beech forest!

Walk slowly through a silent beech forest. The shadows of beech trees illuminated by the sun are beautiful and captivating!

Program details

Program Availability Late Jan~March
Times Approx. 5 hours *including pick-up and drop-off *departure time negotiable
Price (tax included) 2 persons 6,500JPY/person
From 3 persons 5,500JPY/person
Target Audience Junior high school students and older
(Those who exercise on a regular basis)
Maximum number 8 persons
Clothes Lunch, drink, hat (covering up to ears), sunglasses/goggles, gloves (warm and waterproof), clothing (waterproof and windproof), winter boots (warm and waterproof climbing shoes), sunscreen (to prevent snowburn)
Rental Various rental items are available. If you wish to book, please click here
How to Sign Up for This Program Please apply using the application form below.
Weather However, if inclement weather is expected, we will contact you at least one day in advance for consultation. Please note that even after the tour starts, there is a possibility that the course may be partially changed due to weather or snow conditions. Please understand this in advance.
Cancellation Policy The following cancellation fees will apply to cancellations made by the customer after the application for the trial. Please understand this in advance before applying for participation.

Cancellation 2 days prior to the program date ・・・ 20% of the program fee
Cancellation the day before the program - 50% of the program fee
Cancellation on the day of the program ・・・ 100% of the program fee

Cancellation made after business hours will be processed the following day. If the previous day is a holiday, please let us know.
Basically, the decision to hold the program due to weather conditions will be made at 3:00 p.m. on the previous day.
(The application deadline and the minimum number of participants vary depending on the experience.)
If the minimum number of participants is not reached, or if the program is cancelled due to weather or other reasons, no cancellation fee will be charged.


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