Enjoy the winter scenery, which is different from that of summer!A Mori no Ie Classic! Beech Forest and Large Snow Field Snowshoe Tour[English guided]

Program introduction

Nabekura Kogen, located in the northernmost part of snow country Iiyama, is one of the heaviest snowfall areas in Japan, with an average snowfall of 4 meters.You can enjoy the heavy snowfall on this snowshoe tour. Everything becomes a playground in the snow, jumping, being covered in the snow. You can walk through the beech forests and large snow fields. You can learn how to put on the snowshoes, walking tips, experience the unique snow play, and see animal footprints. There is no steep climb in this course, so it is recommended for the people who try first time.

Program features

The difference from the summer scenery is truly otherworldly

Snowfall reaches 4 meters at the most, and shrubs stay under the snow.
Your eyes will see a completely different world than in the summer.

Check how to put on snowshoes and how to walk

Don't worry if you are new to snowshoeing.
Our guides will show you how to put on snowshoes and how to walk.
As soon as your body and mind are ready, we will depart.

First, head into the forest for a beech forest

It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from the Mori no Ie and you will be in the forest soon.
You can walk while experiencing the surrounding vegetation and its connection to the forest.

Footprints that make you want to follow them

In the forest, there are many footprints of animals that live robustly in the heavy snowfall.
We can also explore the psychological state of the animals to find out how they behaved.

A white slender beech welcomes you

The beech trees are lined with 50~80 year old beech trees.
Even with snow on the ground, they are still large beech trees.
Relaxing a little, lying face up, looking up, and touching the trees.

Arrival at the snowfield. As far as the eye can see, it is a world of white and silver.

When you pass through the satoyama forest lined with trees, a white desert-like landscape opens up before you.
In summer, large farms are operated here, but when the snow falls, the roads and fields are buried, leaving only the terrain.

Full of playful elements

You can spend your times as you like from jumping in the terraced fields, or relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Program details

Program Availability End of December~March *Dates may vary depending on snowfall conditions.
Times Morning session 10:00~12:00 Afternoon session 13:30~15:30 *Please select
Price (tax included) per person/2-4 people 7,500JPY/person
per person/5-8 people 6,500JPY/person
1,000 yen/person discount for hotel guests
*Please inquire for reservations for more than 7 people.
Target Audience Elementary School Students and Above
Maximum number 8 people
Clothes Hats (covering up to the ears), Sunglasses / Goggles, Gloves (highly heat-retaining and waterproof), Clothing (highly waterproof and windproof), Winter Boots (highly heat-retaining and waterproof mountaineering shoes), and Sunscreen (to prevent snow burning)
Rental Snow boots rental fee is not included Please make your reservation if needed. Rental page.
How to Sign Up for This Program Please fill out the form below
Weather Can be held even in case of rain
Other *Please apply by 15:00 and at least 5 days in advance.
*Prices include rental fee for snowshoes and poles.
Cancellation Policy The following cancellation fees will apply to cancellations made by the customer after the application. Please understand this in advance before applying for participation.
{ Time, Cancellation Fee }
2 Days Prior, 50% of Program Fee
The Day Before, 80% of Program Fee
Same Day, 100% of Program Fee


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